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Cost of Shipping
Fireworks must be shipped with a placard through motor freight and can't be shipped through regular mail. Typical shipping fees start at $100.00.
Call or Text 812-537-3115

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  • 18 and over only
  • Need a permit? Check before you buy. 
  • No orders less than $100
  • Get shipping quote via text (812-537-3115) 
  • ID and Visa/MC scan via text (812-537-3115)
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Terms of Sale
As required by G.L. 148 39, fireworks are disallowed for sales or shipping to destinations in the states of Massachusetts and California without an accompanying permit to conduct supervised displays. Certain laws or ordinances on ordering and use of fireworks also apply per county or city. We will not assume liability for any injury during the use, handling, storage, transporting, and sale of our merchandise.
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