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Buying Fireworks Online: Important Fireworks Shipping Information

Terms of sale: FOB Indiana. Fireworks must be shipped by motor freight. We can NOT deliver fireworks by regular postal services ( Federal Express or USPS). The cost of shipping by motor freight is high. This shipping will usually cost at least $125.00. To get the best for your money we have made a minimum order of $100.00 along with the $125.00 (minimum) of shipping. Fireworks will not be shipped or sold to Massachusetts without a permit to conduct a supervised display required by G.L. 148 39

Crackling Jumbo Ground Bloom Flower (Black Cat)

Id: GS2
Price: 8.50
Package: 36 pcs

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Huge long lasting ground spinners that change colors from red to green to yellow and crackle
Flashing Signal

Id: GS3
Price: 1.00
Package: 6 pcs.

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Pack of 6 small pots: 2 - Silver; 2 - Gold; 2 - Green
Ground Bloom Flowers

Id: GS4
Price: 4.99
Package: 72 pcs.

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Spins violently on the ground making a flower design. Changes color 3 times from red to green to yellow.
Ground Bloom Flowers

Id: GS5
Price: 0.49
Package: package of 6 pcs

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6 Lively large spinners
Jumping Jacks

Id: GS6
Price: 5.99
Package: brick of 48/12

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Lightning Bolt premium quality. Brick of 48/12. Small colored ground spinners - superior quality

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