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Buying Fireworks Online: Important Fireworks Shipping Information

Terms of sale: FOB Indiana. Fireworks must be shipped by motor freight. We can NOT deliver fireworks by regular postal services ( Federal Express or USPS). The cost of shipping by motor freight is high. This shipping will usually cost at least $125.00. To get the best for your money we have made a minimum order of $100.00 along with the $125.00 (minimum) of shipping. Fireworks will not be shipped or sold to Massachusetts without a permit to conduct a supervised display required by G.L. 148 39

3 Whistling Moon Traveller

Id: RKT1
Price: 6.99

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Not just your run of the mill bottle rocket. These have 3 piercing whistles on ascent with report
Air Force One (BP)

Id: RKT2
Price: 13.99
Package: 32" x 9"

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5 Huge Rockets Self propelled silver fish wiggle outward to celebrate a 40 foot break! This is a great rocket.
Black Cat Big Head Rockets

Id: RKT4
Price: 11.29
Package: 28"
5 huge rockets. These shoot head-long into the sky reaching head-y heights with huge head-strong bursts. Head spinning stuff!
Black Cat Big N' Bad Rocket

Id: RKT5
Price: 17.99
Package: 32" rocket
On sale from $19.75! 6 bad boy premium effect rockets burst into blowing stunts. Each glitter is mixed with outstanding brocades, crackles and willows. All at our value price.
Black Cat Bottle Rockets

Id: RKT6
Price: 5.99
Package: 144 pcs.

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The most popular bottle rockets on the market.
Butterfly Rocket

Id: RKT7
Price: 1.49
Package: 6 rockets

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6 - 6oz./16" rockets with green floral bursts. Buy 4 for $4.99
Happy Face Rocket

Id: RKT11
Price: 14.99
Package: 6 large rockets per pack

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Smiling face pattern rocket
Moon Travel Bottle Rocket

Id: RKT12
Price: 3.29
Package: 1 gross/144 pieces

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144 rockets. These rockets zoom 100' into the sky with report."
Redneck Rockets

Id: RKT15
Price: 10.99
Package: 5 pack

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If ya'll are fixin' to get some big bottle rockets for your git together, pick these here ones, they're awful perty
Ring Shell Rocket (Black Cat)

Id: RKT16
Price: 12.99
Package: 6 rockets

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On sale! Was $13.75. 6 - 29" rockets with an artillery shell head with effects of: 2 - Blue Ring with Gold 2 - Green Ring with Gold 2 - Red Ring with Gold
Rocket 8 oz. Assorted

Id: RKT17
Price: 5.99
Package: 12 rockets

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Introducing this new 8oz rocket to our line in 2014. This value priced 12 assorted 8 oz rockets with effects labeled on each. Largest rocket pack shown is 8 oz.
Silver Fox Rocket BC

Id: RKT19
Price: 8.59
Package: 144 bottle rockets

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Rockets have fluffy comets with loud reports.
Texas Pop Rocket LB

Id: RKT20
Price: 1.99
Package: 16" rockets

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Get our special of 3 for $4.99 12 extra large and resoundingly loud 16" rockets. Alt: 150'
Whistling Moon Traveller

Id: RKT21
Price: 4.99
Package: 144 pcs.

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144 rockets. Super quality bottle rockets with whistle and report. Alt: 150'

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